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The best way for beauty bosses to learn & grow without spending thousands on 1 on 1 coaching.

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You don't have to figure out business alone. No one should. 

Meet the Host - Danielle started her skin care business in April 2020 and launched her wholesale skin care business in Oct 2021. She has been able to scale her businesses with social media and paid ads to see consistent 4 & 5 figure months and $1000+ days, but it didn't happen by chance. She wants to teach you how you can do the same (without all the costly mistakes) and that's why she launched this program. 

Danielle, CEO, of NCW says "I started my skincare business clueless. There was no plan other than to sell my natural products to other women in effort to help them discover their natural beauty. Over the course of my business, I've invested thousands of dollars into courses, marketing and group mentorship programs. I have been able to participate in 2 online group mentorships and through a group setting I have met the most incredible business friends I could have ever asked for. It's a great way to learn more about running a successful business without having to pay for one on one coaching."

Who's it for:

This program is for beauty bosses who desire to learn how to piece together all the different parts of branding, target audience, social media, marketing and making sales into one cohesive plan of action. Let's face it, all them notes aren't going to grow your business if you don't have the right strategy. If you having been winging your business or just making decisions without intention, this is the place for you. 

What's Included:

◼️You will get immediate access to all past videos and content posted in the program
◼️We meet twice a month on Zoom for 1 hour. The hour includes a business training session and a Q&A session where you can ask questions and get feedback. Replays are available
◼️Website and Instagram Audits will be available
◼️Join our private community to connect and collaborate with other beauty bosses
◼️You will receive a VIP discount code for 60% off any digital products we offer
◼️You will receive access to our FB group "Beauty Boss VIP Group" for no charge.

Things you will learn:

Branding, How to Generate Brand Awareness, Target Audience, Social Media Tips, Content Creation Tips, Marketing, Setting Goals, How to Increase Sales, Gain Clarity for your business, Develop a Clear Strategy for your business

Click here for a personal video from Danielle

How much does this cost?
This mentorship program is $49.99/month. This is a subscription service, billed monthly. If you choose to cancel, you lose access to the content inside the program.

Can this membership be cancelled?
Yes, you can cancel at any time. However, we do not offer refunds after joining. If your payment is not made on time, your membership will be cancelled. Should you choose to rejoin, you can do so by starting a new membership.

No contracts. No commitments. You can cancel at any time.

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